How We Help You

We are committed to providing quality financial consulting in the areas of financial planning and portfolio management. We adhere to the highest standards of excellence and care.

Our streamlined and “local” atmosphere provides the kind of personal and independent service usually lacking from larger metropolitan or national firms. We are accountable, we are relationship oriented, and we have only one goal in mind -- meeting your needs.

We work in these areas as professionals, with other professional advisors, following a set process so that all of your financial goals are met on a continuing basis.

Our process has been developed and refined throughout our many years of experience. It has many facets but can be simplified into the following areas, we:


We are compensated by charging a fee for giving financial advice and for managing your assets. For the initial financial plan we are paid on an hourly basis; and for the ongoing management of assets, along with monitoring and revising the financial plan, we are paid a percentage of the assets we manage.

How Do We Get Compensated?


We work with those who desire a high degree of financial expertise and seek a higher level of service than they are accustomed to. We work with those who feel comfortable delegating their financial concerns to an organization of professional financial advisors. Our ideal clients should have significant net worth and investable assets.

Who Is Our Typical Client?

  • Analyze

    Analyze the Information

    Once your financial data is gathered and organized, and your goals and objectives clearly stated, we begin to analyze your information in reference to your current financial situation. In other words, we look at where you want to be in the context of where you are now and start to identify any gaps in your current plan.

  • Define

    Define the Problems and the Solutions to Meet Your Stated Objectives

    We use our expertise in planning and investing to develop a plan of attack. We develop a series of specific financial strategies that will enable you to reach each one of your financial goals. We develop the costs, as well as the benefits, for each idea, outlining both the upside and the downside potential. We strive to present multiple alternatives, always working toward offering you something more than just one route to follow.

  • Implement

    Implement the Plan

    Then, and only then, do we help you implement the plan. It may mean having an attorney draft legal documents. It may mean hiring an administrator to oversee your retirement plan. It may mean reallocating a personal portfolio. Whatever it means, we will coordinate the efforts of each of the various financial professionals involved in your affairs. We will document and track the steps that need to be taken, and communicate them to you on an ongoing basis. Our goal is to make sure all the team players remain focused on the implementation of your plan, and that you continue to see progress as we all work toward helping you meet your financial goals.

  • Manage

    Manage Your Portfolio

    Once your plan is implemented, the ongoing management of your portfolio is required. We have some specific “rules” that we adhere to for managing your portfolio, they are: Invest for the long term rather than the quick gain; Manage the "risk" in the portfolio through investment group choices, the "return" will follow; Base investment group choices on financial goals, time frames, and tolerance for the "swings" in the investment markets.

    Do not chase "yields" or last week’s/month’s/year’s "hot" investments; Allocate with careful consideration. It is our belief that the return in a portfolio comes from how a portfolio is allocated, not from the investment choices; Use proven, consistent, above average, institutional money managers. With over 20,000 different corporate stocks, and 20,000 corporate, government, and municipal bonds, there is no room for anyone in the investment markets but the experts; Never concentrate more than 5% of your portfolio with any one institutional money manager. Anyone can have an "off" year;

    Stick to the plan.

    No one, over the long term, can "time" the markets; Do not let the tax tail wag the dog - buy low and sell high, keeping tax ramifications in mind...but not in control; Evaluate advice carefully given to you by people, organizations, newspapers and magazines that have a greater vested interest in the products they sell you rather than an on-going, long-term relationship with you.

  • Monitor

    Monitor Success

    Finally, no plan of action is cast in stone. Circumstances change. Federal and State laws are rewritten. Taxation issues come up and the economy ebbs and flows. There are many factors that can affect your financial situation and no plan can possibly anticipate them all. That is why after documenting and implementing your plan, there needs to be a way to track the progress.

    Therefore, the final, ongoing step in the process is to sit down with you periodically to make sure that everything in the plan is performing as you would like. This allows us to identify when changes occur and to adjust the plan to accommodate those changes.

  • Determine

    Determine Your Financial Objectives

    We begin the process by determining your financial goals and the time frame for achieving each goal.

    At the outset, we'll gather information and put together a complete picture of your current financial situation. We gather the data, as well as consolidate the data into a standard layout. We create an up-to-date balance sheet, expense sheet, cash flow statement, and a financial asset pyramid. We also put into writing the goals and objectives discovered in the first phase of our process.

  • Write

    Write the Report

    Before implementing anything, we document the whole process, along with the conclusions we have reached. We start with your stated financial objectives and current financial situation and finish with the conclusions reached with other advisors, documenting each step along the way. This gives everyone a chance to look at the entire process, validate the data and assumptions, and to test the conclusions.

  • Reach

    Reach Solutions with Other Advisors

    Our preference is to do all planning in coordination with your other professional advisors. Our plan will usually evolve with the input and assistance of your other advisors. Our firm has no “lock” on creative financial solutions and we find it helpful to bring other financial professionals in for their area of expertise. This team approach of all of your advisors working together is the most beneficial to you, our mutual client.