Map Quest

Directions from the NJ Parkway to The Hogan-Knotts Financial Group

Take the Garden State Parkway to exit 109 for Red Bank.

From Parkway North: After paying the toll, you will turn left at the traffic light. You should now be heading east on Newman Springs Road.

From Parkway South: Bear right on the exit and merge on to Newman Spring Road.

Travel east on Newman Springs Road all the way to its end. This will be a T-shaped intersection with a traffic light. You will need to make a left turn here.

After going over a set of railroad tracks the road will split. You will want to travel straight ahead, rather than veer to the left. The Foodtown should be on your left. If it is on your right you have taken the wrong road.

You are now traveling north on Broad Street in Red Bank. Our office, 298 Broad Street, is just two blocks from Foodtown, on the same side of the street.

We are in an old Victorian home that has been converted into our offices. Our sign is on the lawn. Pull into the driveway and park in our lot in the back. The entrance is in the rear.

We are just one home south from the corner of Bergen Avenue & Broad Street.

If you have any problems finding us call 1-800-801-3190 or 732-842-7400.